Originally from Cambridgeshire where she gained a National diploma (24units) in art and design.  She then studied Fashion design and illustration which she has a degree in from Lincoln university, focusing her dissertation on the anthropology of bodily adornment and modification. 

     She worked a few creative jobs, whilst getting tattooed in her spare time until landing an apprenticeship in tattooing 8 years ago. She's worked at studios in Cambridgeshire, Bristol and Weston-super-mare and enjoys doing guest spots at studios across the UK. 

She is our newest permanent artist at Savannah studios


Tasha’s larger scale tattoo work tends to have a solid, bold finish, yet an emphasis on flow, composition and placement. She also enjoys working in the same manner on a smaller scale with a finer line.
        She most likes tattooing anything that could take inspiration from decorative arts, be it floral, Paisley, European, Indian or Oriental decorative works along with tribal, Polynesian and Maori inspired designs.